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Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO is a concept through which PokketCFO will provide you with every service that an in-house Accounts and Finance department provides. Our expert team of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, and Lawyers will ensure the following things:

  • Daily Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Bank Transaction Managing
  • Ensure monthly Payroll Service
  • GST Compliance
  • Income Tax Compliance
  • Legal Drafting of Agreements
  • ROC Compliance with MCA
  • Informing you with Weekly/Monthly MIS Reports regarding the financial situation of the business, so that you can make informed financial decisions
  • Ensure all fund-raising compliance

Benefits of Virtual CFO

  • Management of all your accounts and finance
  • Ensure all Compliance
  • MIS Reports for informed Decision Making
  • Helps in Fundraiser Compliance
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Our Virtual CFO Packages

Choose from three different tiers

PokketCFO Virtual CFO Packages