PokketCFO Valuation Services

Valuation Services

While raising funds for start-ups from investors, for internal valuations or other regulatory purposes, business often requires the valuation of a business. In simple words, how much does the business worth? We at PokketCFO will let you know, how much your business is worth.

Pitching before Investors

  • Know your worth before pitching
  • Detailed Financial Modelling Report for presentation
  • Valuation using different approaches taking both qualitative and quantitative factors into consideration.

Regulatory Purposes

  • Preparation of Valuation Report for Regulatory Purposes such as Income Tax Act 1961. Companies Act 2013.
  • Certification of Valuation Report.

Benefits of Valuation Services

  • Know your business worth before raising funds
  • Understanding Financial Inflow and Outflow of Business
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance