PokketCFO Legal Services

Legal Services

Agreement Drafting

Signing agreements and executing deals are part of every business. We can sort this out for you,

  • Founder’s Agreement’
  • Share Holders Agreement
  • Employee Agreement
  • Agreement for Contract Work
  • Any other purpose as may be specified by you.

Trade Mark

Trademark is termed as the unique signs that are used to make the goods or services distinguishable from others. They can be designs, pictures, signs, or even expressions. 

  • Submission of Trademark Application
  • Issuance of Trademark Certificate.


Patent means a right granted to any individual for his innovation or invention. A patent gives an exclusive right to the inventor to protect his invention from being copied or stolen by others. Further registered patents can be granted for use by the third party on the payment of fees.

  • Consultation for deciding on type of patent
  • Utility Patent
  • Design Patent
  • Plant Patent
  • Re-Issue Patent

Benefits of Legal Services

  • Know what you are signing in a deal
  • Understand your rights and obligations
  • Ensure transparency