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About PokketCFO

PokketCFO is a group of professionals consisting of Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and Company Secretaries from various professional bodies in India who will manage all your mandatory and regulatory requirements like bookkeeping and accounting on a global scale, government compliances like GST-EPF-ESI-TDS-Income Tax- ROC Compliance, legal agreement, licences to run a business etc. PokketCFO specialises in Financial Modelling, Pitch Presentation, and other Fundraiser Compliances.

We work with a culture that values professional standards and personalized service. We act as partners to our clients, and take a proactive stance in understanding their needs and constraints, to provide the required solutions.

PokketCFO Services


PokketCFO aims to remotely provide finance and accounting services globally.


To help every passionate entrepreneur concentrate on their core business, by managing all the accounts and finance work and reporting them in a timely manner for making informed financial decisions.


Professional Standards with Personalised services while maintaining the confidentiality and ensuring accountability.